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New Ferry is a well-established community on the western shore of the River Mersey, opposite the world famous city of Liverpool, England.

It is a place with a long history, and for most who live here, it is a pleasant suburb of Wirral that lies to the south of Birkenhead.

Although part of the inner suburb of East Wirral, New Ferry is blessed with a fairly quiet and peaceful waterfront location overlooking the River Mersey, with magnificent views towards Liverpool City Centre.

Although with very little sand, the beach below the cliffs is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest due to its mudflats which are a feeding ground for various birdlife which attracts many birdwatchers.

Situated next to the historic Port Sunlight Village, Wirral’s largest tourist attraction, New Ferry has a district shopping centre serving a diverse community who live in a variety of housing styles from former Victorian mansions, to traditional terraces and modern semi-detached and detached homes which remain highly sought after by first time buyers wanting to get onto the housing ladder in a fairly attractive and stable riverside community. We have some of the most affordable and varied housing on Wirral, making this an ideal place to choose to live.

New Ferry is a place that is slowly changing and evolving, with a pleasant park, an award winning farmer's market, and a haven for butterflies. 

On this website, you can find out more about the history of New Ferry, some of the best features of living here, the special events which are unique to New Ferry, and how the community is working together to drive the regeneration of the area.


Facts and Figures:

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Annual Council Tax for New Ferry, Wirral for 2016/17

Band New Ferry, Wirral English Average
A £1,090.61  
B £1,272.37  
C £1,454.14
D £1,635.90 £1,530.91
E £1,999.43  
F £2,362.96  
G £2,726.51  
H £3,271.80