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The park is an urban nature reserve developed on a former railway coal yard, goods yard & water softening plant. It was established in late 1993 by Mel Roberts, with a band of local community volunteers who continue to look after the park since his death in 2002.

Many types of mini-beast thrive here, including butterflies, moths, shield bugs, grasshoppers, snails, spiders, bees and a variety of pond life. The southern half of the Park has wheelchair-accessible paths. There is limited car parking available within the Park.

The park can be found next to Bebington Railway Station, and is accessed off Howell Road, to the side of the Aldi car park. It is open on Sunday afternoons, 2-4pm from May to August. From September to April it only opens every 2nd Sunday of the month, 10am-4pm. The winter openings are also practical work-days when you are welcome to come along for some free exercise helping to maintain the park for wildlife. The park is wardened whenever it is open.

The park is run by a committee of local people, backed by the Cheshire Wildlife Trust. New members to the committee and recruits to the wardening team are always welcome. Find out more
or simply come along when the park is open and talk to the volunteers working there.

You can download a colour information leaflet about the Butterfly Park and the wildlife that can be sometimes found living in it.  (Please be aware the file is 3mb, so dial-up users will take some time to complete this action.)

In December 2009 it was announced that the landowner, Brock plc, wanted to sell it and had ordered Cheshire Wildlife Trust to quit by the end of January 2010.  However, on 14th January, Wirral Borough Council resolved to issue a Compulsory Purchase Order against Brock plc to sell the site to them so that the park can be preserved for future generations. The CPO will be progressed through 2010.

For further information, contact Paul
Loughnane on 0151 645 8937 or Hilary
Ash on 0151 327 5923.

Admission is free.

Donations welcome.


See more photos of the Butterfly Park on flickr at and particularly during Summer 2009.


The Butterfly Park also has an artist in residence.  Carol Ramsay has been working alongside the Butterfly Park team since 2010.  Since that time, a sculpture trail has been built in the park, and a number of highly successful events and open days have been held.  Read about it all in Carol's book below.

You can now visit New Ferry Butterfly Park on Facebook.

and visit the Butterfly Park website.




The mayor and mayoress unveiling the new secret sign at the butterfly park.


Firefighter Paul Ashton refills the pond after its reconstruction in January 2006.



Download the colour information leaflet


2007_0904NFBP0030.JPG by NFBP