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When New Ferry Regeneration Action Group was formed back in 2000, its main aim was to find a way to represent the wishes of the community. All the topics being discussed, the main issues and wish list of residents were collated together into the “New Ferry Regeneration Action Plan 2000”.

That document became a very useful tool for the community to use in trying to get what it wanted, needed, and deserved. We were one of the first communities ever to write and publish their own community plan in such a comprehensive way.

The plan was also very useful for Wirral Borough Council who took the plan and used it to write their own strategies for the area and New Ferry in particular. The community's wish list of schemes was incorporated into the A41 Corridor Strategy, and many – though not all – of its recommendations would subsequently be built.

Much has happened in ten years. But there is also still a lot to be done. Aspirations and priorities have changed. So we have had to change and update the original Action Plan.

On this page, you now either read or download an electronic version of the 2008 Action Plan. We want you to read what we have written from what we have learned the community wants to see. We need you to tell us if there is anything we have missed, where you agree with what is written, and what you don’t agree with and why.

The plan is not set in stone. Being able to publish it here on the internet means that we can change the plan if anything is wrong or becomes out of date. It is a living document which we hope will help New Ferry to win the recognition, funds and pride which it deserves.

Please let us know what you think about the Action Plan.  Email us.