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From time to time, New Ferry residents will be asked to fill in questionnaires or comment on plans and proposals being put forward by Wirral Borough Council or other partners.

This new page collects all these together.



Who is asking?: Wirral Borough Council

Closing date for comments: 31 October 2014


Wirral Council is asking residents for comments on their proposals to tackle the budget crisis.  The Council has already been forced to save over 100 million and by 2017, their grant from central government will have been cut by a massive 57% in just five years. This is before further cuts are imposed in 2018.

The Council says it has no choice but to save a further 18 million next year and 27 million in 2016/17. They have already identified around 15.5 million of savings for next year by reducing the costs of running the Council.

They are now requesting your views on a number of proposals, which aim to achieve the remaining budget shortfall of 2.5 million. Over 3,000 Wirral residents have already had their say on the proposals. If you are one of those residents, thank you, but if not make sure you have your say before its too late!

It is important that as many people as possible have their say on the savings proposals we have put forward. Public feedback has made a genuine difference to the decisions taken in previous years and out of 4 million worth of options, they only need to implement 2.5 million, meaning you have real choice in how the savings are made.

As far as New Ferry is concerned, the main possible cuts that will affect us include potential loss of Bebington Youth Club which is still being suggested - the Council pursuing their dream of moving all youth provision to a central hub in Birkenhead.  The Council still sees this as the way forward, but as far as the community of New Ferry is concerned this is a damaging proposal as it will inevitably lead to the closure of our youth club.  All our young people will then have to travel to North Birkenhead to go to the various clubs that will be centralised there.  We remain totally opposed to this and you can have your say on the questionnaire.

Have your say - complete the survey.

Find out more about the budget options.

The consultation will close on 31st October and all feedback will then be put into a report for Councillors to consider when they set the budget for the coming financial year in December.