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03 October 2009

On 3rd October, New Ferry residents attended a meeting at the Church Hall in Port Sunlight village organised by the Forestry Commission who wanted to find out what local people think about the Bromborough Landfill site and what we would like to see happen to it when it becomes a park.

The former Bromborough Dock became a landfill site in 1991.  Tipping of Wirral's rubbish was completed in summer 2006, and since that time, operators BIFFA have been capping the site with topsoil.  Unfortunately, the rate at which this topsoiling operation can take place has been reduced because of Shell's concerns that the weight of the landfill has been pushing against a nearby oil pipeline.  As a result, the topsoiling is not likely to be completed until late summer 2010.

Although the original planning application from 1990 will make the tip operator (BIFFA) landscape the tip hill, the Forestry Commission are hoping to get the go ahead to become involved and bring with them an additional 2million funding through their "Newlands scheme".  Newlands has reclaimed large areas of derelict, underused and neglected land across the Northwest, to create thriving and durable community woodlands. The woodlands will provide new leisure opportunities for people living locally, benefits for business, opportunities for healthy living and green transport links. Nine new community woodlands have already been created.

If Bromborough Landfill becomes part of the Newlands Scheme, the Forestry Commission will hold the land on a 99 year lease: work could begin in 2012 and the site should be open to the public in 2015. If the site does not become part of the Newlands scheme then Biffa have a commitment to restore and manage the site and open it for public access.

At the meeting, NFRAG chair Mark Anthony Craig presented the Forestry Commission with the results of the consultation with local schoolchildren which NFRAG did back in late 2004 when it was thought the park would be open sooner.

Regardless of whether the Forestry Commission is successful in obtaining the 2million, NFRAG will continue to be involved with the proposals for the new park as they are are worked up.  We will keep you posted on developments on this website.

Download the leaflet (PDF, 864kb) produced produced by the Forestry Commission to explain their Newlands scheme and how they want to apply it to the Bromborough Landfill site.


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