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22 June 2011 

Wirral Council has launched a major new initiative designed to give local communities the power to design how Council resources are allocated in their neighbourhood. In recent years, NFRAG has been active within the local Area Forum and we have been able to influence the Council’s decision on where money is spent locally.

The Council has now decided to increase this way of improving local communities, and is expecting us (the residents) to tell them what needs doing, what should receive funding or more attention. More money is being made available for local projects, schemes and services......but in order to prioritise, residents are being asked to give their “vision” for their own neighbourhood – what it should look like, what it’s best features are, and what they would change, given the chance.

Cllr Foulkes said at the recent launch: “We understand that Wirral is an extremely diverse place, and communities have different needs, aspirations and expectations. That is why we need to ensure that we become more local, and more in tune with what our local communities and neighbourhoods actually need – almost on a street-by-street basis. That is why we are launching Neighbourhood Plans”.

Cllr Jean Stapleton, Cabinet Member for Community Engagement, continued: “For Neighbourhood Plans to be a success, and to be a true reflection of what local people want, it is absolutely vital that communities get involved with this process. We will be out in communities, talking to residents, and will ensure that every one of our communities has the opportunity to get involved. I’d urge all of our residents to take that opportunity, and to help shape the future of a Wirral we can all be proud of.”

Council officers will be coming to the next NFRAG meeting on Thursday 14th July at 7pm in St Marks Church Hall to ask YOU what you think New Ferry should be like, and what you want to see happen here. Please try to come to the meeting to take part, but if you can’t attend, you can ring the Community Engagement Co-ordinator, Louise Harland-Davies, on 0151 691 8695 or email her at to tell her your views.