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04 November 2012 

There is an important public meeting taking place on Wednesday 14th November at 7.00pm in Windsor Close Community Centre.  The local police, housing associations and the Council's Anti-Social Behaviour Team will be there to listen to residents' worries about crime and anti-social behaviour in New Ferry.  All are welcome to attend.

New Ferry has always been a great place to live in.  There are wonderful people living here in this pleasant location sandwiched between the historic Port Sunlight Village and the riverfront.

Many of us have good neighbours.  Most of our children are well-behaved.

But recently the incidences of anti-social behaviour in New Ferry have increased as a large minority of families and individuals seem to think they can do what they like, when they like and to whom they like. 

In addition, there are several troublemakers from Liverpool and other parts of Wirral who are travelling to New Ferry and Bebington - areas which they perceive to be "quiet" and "out of sight of the police".  Once here, they are sitting on our benches (in the precinct and in the parks) openly smoking cannabis, dealing in drugs, under-age drinking. 

These undesirables are proving to be a magnet to some of our own youth who are joining in with their unruly behaviour which includes yelling foul-mouthed abuse at random passers-by, using bricks and stones to randomly attack residents' homes usually without any provocation.  Cars are being scratched and wing mirrors being damaged outside residents' homes and even on their own drives.

There are also several residents causing problems for their neighbours.  These seem to include the tenants of private lets, with landlords who may not have checked who they are renting their properties out to.  And there are some residents who own their own homes who seem to think they can hold loud late night parties or contain couples who argue loudly and constantly with streams of foul language.

Gangs of children are hanging around outside the off-licences waiting for someone of the right age to go inside to buy them alcohol which they are then consuming in New Ferry Park, by the Esplanade, and at Shrorefields.  Empty cans are being discarded at these locations, causing harm to peoples' pets.

And some gangs are hanging around the subways, attacking innocent passers-by with both abusive verbal abuse and physical attacks.

Merseyside Police, the housing associations (Riverside, Venture, Wirral Partnership Homes) are all aware of the issues, but are unable to take action or put extra resources into tackling these problems because not enough residents are reporting what they see or experience.  Many people believe that if they ring, nothing will get done and their complaint will be ignored.

This is not true.

Every time there is a report of anti-social behaviour, even though the police or other authorities may not be able to attend, the incident is recorded and marked on a map.  When New Ferry gets so many marks on the map, this signifies to the power-that-be that there is indeed a "problem" in New Ferry and they WILL allocate additional resources to tackling the problems.  That means MORE money and MORE time from police officers being spent in New Ferry.

This is what residents continually ask for.