Our Regeneration Plans

Our proposals and how we will be funded.

Our proposal

Several shops in our district centre have been empty for many years. even before the 2017 explosion wrecked so many of them.  Owners - often property investors who do not live in the North West - have little interest in or incentive to refurbish their sometimes derelict properties.  We have heard from people who have enquired about renting empty shops only to be told that their owners will only rent to them if the business proposer is prepared to invest THEIR OWN MONEY into refurbishing the building back into useable condition.

This situation cannot continue any longer, as nobody wants to spend their money on SOMEONE ELSE'S BUILDING that they will not end owning.  As a result, the shops remain empty and are dragging the shopping centre down.

With the help of a £500,000 grant from the Office of the Combined Authority for Merseyside, we hope to purchase some of these empty properties, refurbish and relet them.  Upper floors may also be converted into residential or other uses.  These properties will become assets of the Community Land Trust, and rent raised from them will be ploughed back into the Community Land Trust to purchase additional buildings and carry out additional refurbishment works.

We will be putting more information about our schemes on this page as soon as we acquire our first property later this year.