Governing and other documents

Governing documents / Minutes of Annual General Meetings

New Ferry Community Land Trust Ltd was registered as a Community Benefit Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 on 2nd November 2018.

Community Benefit Societies have been around for a long time, although the terminology is still relatively new.  They were previously known as Industrial and Provident Societies, but changes in 2010 required industrial and provident societies to be registered as either Co-operative or Community Benefit Societies. 

Co-operatives are formed primarily to benefit their own members, who will participate in the business of the society.   

In contrast, Community Benefit Societies like our Community Land Trust reflect commitment to the wider community, with profits being ploughed back into the business, rather than being distributed to members.


New Ferry CLT Registration - Redacted For Publication (pdf)


Annual General Meetings

The CLT held their first Annual General Meeting on 13th January 2020.  The minutes include a summary of what they have managed to achieve over the last 14 months, and outlines the CLT's aims for the coming year.

FILES TO download:

Minutes of the AGM on 30th January 2020

200113 - 13 January 2020 _AGM_ (pdf)